Hello, and welcome to my web pages.

I have been on the web a long time. One of my first websites, about protein structure, is still online.

I discovered the web during my doctorate in bioinformatics. This democratic new medium excited me, and I switched careers to digital media.

That career has taken me through being webmaster for a Financial Times company, running my own business, and into the BBC where I have served as game designer, radio producer, and (more often) a digital producer and project manager - running the BBC Internet Blog, for example.

In my spare time, I make a niche podcast which has been nominated for a national media award. I've interviewed Members of Parliament and globally known poets and philosophers.

I love to sing, and have passed the auditions to busk on the London Underground. I enjoy get-together games. Over the years, I have created websites for storytelling games I have run, as well as documents people have shocked me by finding useful. And I haven't taken them down. So they are still here.