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USS Darwin Characters

T'engwar, the First Officer and Science Officer of the USS Gandhi that transferred to the Darwin with Mirova. He spent much of his early years on the Darwin trying to determine where his parents were, and why.

Serrt, a native American Communications Officer, who died at the end of Season One.

Fortescue-Jones, the former Engineering Chief who blew up the USS Gandhi. He was only around for a couple of episodes, but know about him so you can follow the jokes.

de Corentin, Tirion, the CMO in late season three. Actually from a parralel universe and unusually powerful. Disappeared in "'til the Day that I Die" to reappear to Garret in "Eye of the Storm".Amber alert! Amber alert!

Frank DiMaggio, a guitar-playing, former security chief (Old Soldiers Never Die in season one.)

Commmodore Michael Fife, a scientist and lawyer (Captain, Mudd in Your Eye to The Voyage)

Ensign Timothy Devial, a relativley feminine young Doctor with an alcohol problem and a secret to keep . . . he was a shapeshifter who had lived most of the previous few decades as a woman.

Dr. Roxun, a slighlty colourless personality with unruly greenish-brown hair, who died in combat with the Klingon vessel N'choma.

Captain Steven Bandu, an admirer of Kirk, but with more of a past. Died after being shot by Romulans while the crew were escaping from a dimension-bridging device. ('Till the day that I die, at the start of season four)

Lt O'Neil, the Chief Security Officer. Slightly paranoid sharpshooting chief of security. Died during "'Till the day that I die part 1" at the end of season 3.

Lt Sylik, Chief Science Officer for seasons 1-4. Killed by a temporarily insane Cmdr Gl'inn in "Plague".

Dr Raymond, skilled Civilian Artificial Intelligence scientist. signed on with large corporation (Gaeatronics of New Earth)

Cpt Andrew Sorahl, a man of moderate temperament. Expert in starfleet records. Captain throughout most of season four.

Lt Cassandra Tia, Security Chief, Canine race. Slightly Psychotic. (joined own race in a currently lost adventure ..)

Captain Yekatarina Mikhailna Mirova, from an influential Russian family. Gregarious and middle-aged. Other people tend to regard her as doing things too much by the book. Her opinion is that what other people regard as the book is the basis of respect for the Federation. She was reassigned back to the refitted USS Mahatma Gandhi in season two then reassigned to the Darwin in mid-season four.

Cmmdr Gli'nn, catlike Caitian, argumentative and ambitious.

Patrick Garrett, Head of the Supernovae Prevention Project. Has one prosthetic foot after being shot by a Romulan.

Mutella, an Andorian (blue skin, white hair, antennae) Security Officer. She has a tendency to enjoy violence too much.

Dr M.J. Revenant, Science officer.

Dr Decker, head of the Hyperbionics project. Has bionic limbs.

Alison Tang, (NPC) girlfriend of Patrick Garrett and big ex-girlfriend of Captain Bandu

Dr Taybard, Chief Medical Officer

Dr J.Jenner, Medical Officer

Dr Jenner, Robotics expert. Civilian Scientist.

Dr. Mrr'sstac, the catlike Caitian Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. T'inawan, T'engwar's father

Lt Cmdr. Anna Masaryk, a short tempered, skillfull and Rumanian Chief Engineer.

Lt Cmdr Solrac (NPC), a half-vulcan Social Scientist. Unusually, he chose to live as a human rather than a Vulcan, and positively value his human emotions. He has spent many years in Colonial Operations Command, and replaced Lt Serrt as Communications Officer.

Ezekiel, a hippy botanist with a strong affinity for plants. Says "Man" a lot.

Lt. Pace, a shape-shifting helm officer.

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