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New Lhasa

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Season One
101 "Home is Where the Heart is"
Stardate 40092.5

In an opening sequence, the USS Victory (with younger versions of Cmdr Chenier and Captain Morash on the bridge) attempts to save the New Lhasa colony from a Tholian attack. On the planet's surface, Munarch O'Reilly discovers a woman pinned under a girder in a collapsing building. When a Tholian ship explodes, it scatters Thoronide particles throughout New Lhasa's atmosphere, poisoning it. The evacuation begins ...
Stardate 50350.2
.. and the population does not return for ten years. When the deadline approaches for the Tholians to establish their consulate, a large Tholian vessel crash-lands on the mountainous continent.
Chenier: Could that be their consulate Sir?
Morash: Welcome to New Lhasa.

This causes a large earthquake, which moves some of the pollutants back into the local ecology. The decontamination of the continent further delays the return of some New Lhasans.

Four decontamination workers are captured by a group of Chakuun - a Tholian client race. The Chakuun use telepathic abilities against the Starfleet rescue mission. Shortly after establishing communication, the Chakuun group claim to be separate from the Tholian Hegemony, and Captain Morash grants them asylum.

But .. can the Chakuun be trusted? .. why did the Tholians land so disruptively? .. and what will happen if the Tholians find out about the Chakuun?

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