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New Lhasa

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Season One
103 "The Limits of Kholinari"
Stardate 50462.2-50481.1

New Lhasa's Counselors and Medics report vastly increased demand for their services as the people return to their homes ... far more than is explicable simply by the end of an exile. Cmdr Stadi is assigned from the USS Darwin to lead a research team to study the phenomenon. She receives reports of humans gaining Psi abilities.
New Lhasan politician David Heart petitions Minister O'Reilley to prioritise detoxifying the wreck of a Constitution-class Starship that sacrificed itself defending New Lhasa a century earlier. A young Vulcan who studies Kolinahr with M'Kress loses control of her emotions and kidnaps a Chakuun.
David Heart discovers the Chakuun and angrily confronts Minister O'Reilley. After days of scanning, M'Kress (on the Brunel) locates the two. She accommpanies the security team to intercept them. The Vulcan, Rasa, forcibly mind-melds the Chakuun and discovers that they are neither spies, nor naturally telepathic. She releases him to M'Kress.

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