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106 "Diplomacy"

Daya-Marash: You were supposed to talk to them.
Veltr'a talks to Capt. Horah-Marash and his three wives after he plays the blues at the bar. (Well, you didn't think that all UFP societies were monogamous, did you?) Daya-Marash is a holodeck author, and invites him to try her new program.
So Ensign Reinhardt, Veltr'a, and Kath'lar (a Klingon who had been escorting evacuations of the Cardassian/Federation demilitarized zone) play the roles of mercenaries recovering a gem from a thieves' guild in quasi-middle ages quasi-middle Europe. Instead of using wit, bluff, and persuasion our heroes hack their way through, and Daya-Marash learns something about roleplayers everywhen.
O'Reilley's player ran this WHFRPG adventure to give me (the regular GM) a week off - which I needed for non-game reasons. Thanks :)

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