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Season One
107 "Whisper of Vulcan Rage"
Stardate: 50602.7
M'Kress' log: I regret drawing attention to Ensign Maximus' error, but it was necessary at the time and would eventually come to light

A tip-off leads the hunt for Rasa to New Lhasa's spaceport. Starfleet and New Lhasan security personnel search the vessels there for Rasa: M'Kress' team's subjects include the Koloth, and Maximus' team's subjects include the Ferengi Trader "Wisdom of Free Enterprise". Maximus negotiates that he will only enter the ship for two minutes. When he discovers that the Wisdom is the same ship that took him from planet 8-72-4, he spends the two minutes chatting. A few hours later, the Wisdom warps out of the system, pursued by the Brunel.
Maximus' lapse is uncovered. The Brunel uses a carefully planned and executed warp maneuver to take down the Wisdom's shields. Parley establishes that Rasa is on board the Wisdom - and attempting to psionically manipulate M'Kress. Both Rasa and the Wisdom are captured.
M'Kress tries to talk to Rasa in the brig, but Rasa uses Psi to make M'Kress' Klingon half temporarilly dominate. There is an argument; Rasa claims she is being unjustly imprisoned, and M'Kress that Rasa is a minor, and that emotional control is anyway vastly better than the alternative. M'Kress takes down the cell shield and charges Rasa, but is stunned by a security officer before she attacks.
In trouble, Maximus claims that Rasa mind-melded him to distract him from using his tricorder. His senior officers will check this.

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