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Season One
110 "Onida"
Stardate: 50821.9
Onida: Wherever Chakotay's ship went, I hope they took the Voyager with them!

Shortly before Lt. Cmdr. Scarlett (from the USS Darwin campaign) arrived with a mission to capture a fugitive Starfleet officer turned Maquis operative called Hazel Brown, Stadi was contacted by Admiral Paris and warned that a Maquis operative called Onida, a cousin of Chakotay, was on New Lhasa. Scarlett turned out to be extremely paranoid about security, and sought to minimise knowledge of his mission, or his and Hazel Browns' background in Starfleet Intelligence. Comparing pictures demonstrated that Hazel Brown and Onida were probably the same person. Several plans were prepared; inconsistences in the records of refugees from the demilitarized zone were found, and a plan to scan the boundaries of the refugee camps from orbit was formulated. During the course of working with Scarlett, M'Kress formed a suspicion that his paranoia required psychiatric attention, and announced this. Onida/Hazel Brown was captured when her attempt to intrude into the Starfleet computer systems at the government buildings was detected by Scarlett's countermeasures, Scarlett stunning her twice.
Stadi questioned Onida on the disappearance of Voyager and the whereabouts of Chakotay. Onida angrily and truthfully disclaimed all knowledge, cursing Voyager as she did. Stadi (whose sister was on Voyager) left, upset. Onida asked to talk to Scarlett alone, and tried to convince him to let her go, on the basis that she would do the Federation more good free. He refused.
Stadi reported Onida's answers to Paris, who tried to keep hoping to find Voyager. Scarlett's behaviour triggered a hearing, which cleared him.
Onida is a native American name meaning "That which is pursued". This is the first game with a guest player.

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