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209 A Week is a Long Time

Lyranna Stadi and Loras Veltr'a discuss Petersen, and agree he is suspicious of Ashok. Loras wants to clear him of any suspicion. Later, he spars with the peers of K'ral and Kath'lar, beating Yorag.

George Petersen, increasingly disturbed about telepathic intrusion, discusses ways of counteracting telepathy with M'Kress, who suggests talking to Vox, spiritual leader of New Lhasa's Vulcans. But the meeting proves fruitless.

Kath'lar is with K'ral on a hunting expedition in the wilderness, when she enters labour. A couple of Vulcan medical students help her deliver a boy. Afterwards, Kath'lar urges K'ral to declare his own house, but he refuses because of an honour duel he lost to the leader of rival house Mauro a few years previously.

News breaks that two more telepaths have been broken out of civillian security custody. They are Felan and Ingvar, the telepaths that injured Petersen. The breakout was done by Rasa, accompanied or led by a second telepath with mind-cloaking invisibility powers consistent with the telepath that rescued Rasa.

The senior officers consider plans for Lyranna Stadi to meet with Valesus, the leader of the representatives of those that attribute a quasi-mystical status to the New Lhasa Syndrome in the planetary council.

Ashok and Lyranna are attacked in the street, and stunned. When they awake in the Schweitzer Memorial Hospital, they discover that Ashok has lost his telepathic powers. His first instincts are to suspect Petersen.

The honour duel was with Kieran Mauro McKinnon, PC first officer of the USS Darwin, during the Darwin campaign. Humiliatingly, Kath'lar stood over the defeated K'ral and gave up his Dak'tagh rather than have Kieran kill him. Kieran rightly holds K'ral's former house responsible for the massacre of his family, but K'ral is ignorant of this. The title is from the saying "A week is a long time in politics", by a British prime minister.

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