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Season Two

220 About Choice

Veltr'a takes the Stephenson to join a temporary Starfleet taskforce in defence of shipyards at Tekindus.

Julius Garadan, an erratic historian from the Department of Temporal Investigations, is introduced by Lt. Jackson.

Horah-Morash emphasizes to Petersen that he gets to choose whether M'Kress stays on at Starfleet.

And a new disease hits telepaths in Tsetang province refugee settlements, in the polar continent. Lyranna takes command, and orders victims thus far to be put into stasis.

M'Kress meets Petersen. She apologises, comments that her choice of champions was curious, and regrets having to kill and maim the Klingons.

Ashok tries to convince Lyranna to take the evening off. He fails - she is still trying to solve the new epidemic. By now, dozens are infected, including Psi in the research team.

The first case emerges in the equatorial continent. The first death. And a human - someone from a non-Psi race - develops it. Scans for energy patterns and infective agents yield nothing. The disease is lethal to those with psionic abilities - the activity in relevant brain centres amplifies and burns out.

Meanwhile at the second portal site, M'Kress finishes the long process of determining how to switch the device off. The police find, at the site of a Psi cell, a cloaking device and weapons of Maquis design. The cloaking device is connected to Ferengi Ketracel White smugglers.

George Petersen and Lyranna Quayn meet and exchange theories. He suggests it could propogating as a mental concept or "meme", and she suggests a telepathic virus from the latter. They reject both possibilities.

Ashok Quayn pays Lyranna a visit. He wants her to take a break.

Lyrana meets with Health Minister FaGian. Parathi is quarantined, but more cases continue.

Shortly after news breaks of a raid on a transporter station, George Petersen and Lyranna Stadi, still working together, consider the possibility that transporters have been tampered with. Speedy investigation confirms this theory minutes before the major commuting transporters go online for the new day. Corrections are made planetwide.

They save the planet minutes before all Psis who travel are burnt out. There was a deadline with epic consequences if it was missed. This story also needs discussion. Why is Parathi province quarantined, not Tsetang? Sentences marked with an asterix need to be double-checked.

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