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New Lhasa is borderline class M. Comparing it, as one always does, to Earth, it is somewhat smaller, has a higher atmospheric density, stronger van Allen belt, negligible axial tilt (so no seasons), and a slightly different atmospheric composition. The "borderline class M" aspect is a trivial medical problem - a hypospray every few weeks copes with it. There are three moons, two of which form a binary system.

The star is a K1, that is, significantly cooler than Sol and a slight orange-red hue. New Lhasa orbits its star at a little under half the distance that the earth does, and its year is a little under six terran months.


The planet has only two major continents: a large polar continent in Southern occean, and a smaller equatorial one with a central mountain range. The tallest peak in the range is the Spire, which is so high that non-atmospheric craft can safely land there. The centre of government, Po'rama, has been established on the equatorial continent; whilst most of the colonists live on the polar one.


During the reestablishment of the colony, it was governed by a Starfleet run caretaker administration headed by Captain Horah-Marash. The administration rewrote the colony's original constitution and this has been put into effect with the election of the a new government.

New Lhasa's head of state and government is the 'Planetary Governor', who appoints a cabinet and heads the executive. Under the old constitution, the head of state had been the Dalai Lama. The Planetary Governor is elected by a 300-strong part-time legislature called the 'Council of Representatives' for one local year (about six months) by over half of the Representatives (ATV, to be exact). Three days before this, 100 of the 'Council of Representatives' are elected, using a system of PR that counts votes for candidates rather than parties. (STV, single planetary constituency, to be exact). Once appointed, the Governor can only be dismissed from his post if a Vote of No-Confidence is passed by the Council of Representatives with a two thirds majority.

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