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USS Darwin: Episodes, Characters, and FAQL
USS Darwin Frequently Asked Questions

             Star Trek - The USS Darwin - the FAQL v 2.05
                      By Ian McDonald+Chris Adams

        "It is the twenty-third Century.  These are the voyages of the USS
Darwin, a ship of 300 explorers and scientists traversing the final
frontier.  Starfleet has joined forces with scientists from across and
beyond the Federation, their mission to explore strange new worlds and
lifeforms in the greatest adventure of all."

 1      One-Minute Guide
 2      Roleplaying in the Star Trek Universe and Starfleet
 3      The USS Darwin
 4      The People
 5      The Deck-by-Deck Structure
 6      The Rank-by-Rank Structure (including research projects)
 7      The Drinking Game
 8      The Episode Guide

1       One-Minute Guide

"Star Trek - The Voyages of the USS Darwin" is the role-playing campaign we
play at Starfleet Academy ULU Sector (ie ULU Star Trek society).  It is set
aboard a research starship in the era of the Star Trek movies.

2       Roleplaying in The Star Trek Universe and Starfleet

Characters may have failings but THEY ARE GOOD GUYS.  They are acting on
behalf of the United Federation of Planets, bound by a Prime Directive of
non-intervention in the development of other cultures, and expected to
respect the civil rights of creatures they meet.  This includes obtaining
information from other creatures without the threat or use of physical
violence.  I like Gene's humanism in the shows and enjoy refereeing an
idealistic idea of the future.  No "Dirty Harry" types.  (If your character
have to do something that may be considered unethical, it may help them in
the following court martial to have made a log entry about why they are
doing it.)

Of course there is room for conflict between characters - just look at the
tv Trek.  The utilitarian calculus of Spock , the addiction to risk
of JT Kirk, the emotional humanitarianism of McCoy, the curiousity of Data,
the sense of responsibility to someone distant in  Worf, are all motivations
 which differentiate and individualize characters.

The impression of the UFP gleaned from RPG publications and other people's
ideas is that the UFP is a loose confederation.  Military power and foreign
policy tends to be centralised in the quasi-military starfleet.  The
police, judiciary and other aspects of social policy seem to be very
delocalised.  If you took the UN, funded it properly, gave it its own
standing army and enabled it to ensure a minimum standard of civil
liberties you might get something like the UFP on a smaller scale.

According to ST:TNG Writer's/Director's guide (1987):  "Starfleet is NOT a
military organization....No saluting.  We may hear the word 'Sir,' but it
is intended as the same kind of courtesy used by junior and senior officers
on commercial airliners....No stories about warfare with Klingons or
Romulans and no stories with Vulcans."  Granted the Romulan/Klingon/Vulcan
rule has laxed, Starfleet is still basically non-military (except when they
are cornered, like the Borg situation).  The fourth season ST:TNG Writer's
Technical Manual says to mentally merge NASA, the Coast Guard and research
ships like Calypso to gain a concept of the Enterprise's mission. 

Inevitably, referees will vary on the emphasis they place on the
authorities' above the Darwin.  With me, they will simply ensure that the
characters stick to the 'ideals of the UFP'.  And give them the orders.

Most UFP personnel are shown in the series as looking very human (but
this doesn't mean they are all of Earth stock - Alpha Centurans, for
example, are biological humans orginating on Alpha Centuri).  There is a
large minority of humanoid (=humans wearing makeup or costumes) UFP races,
most described in the ST:RPG 'officer's guide'.  The best known of
these are the Vulcans. 

There are also many independant races and beings within and on the fringes
of Federation space, who may or may not obey the laws of physics as we know
them in the 20th century.  You are welcome to invent a new race of your
character - it adds to the sense of mystery.

Finally, a word on Stardates.  There are two conflicting stardate systems -
FASA (which is logical, and based on the year) and the one in the Star Trek
movies (which is simply trying to make them sound alright without any real
system).  As FASA are based on sets of dates that disagree with the Star
Trek universe as in the movies and TV series, we are using those in the
movies.  Just note that 2285= ST2(8130.3) & ST3(8201.3), 2286=ST4=8390.0,
2287=ST5=8454.1, 2293=ST6=9521.6 and make up stardates that fit between the
right values.

3       The USS Darwin

The USS Darwin (NCC-8577) is conceived as a large research vessel operating
within Starfleet.  The campaign began in the year 2285, around the same
time as the "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", Stardate 8130.3 (FASA
2223.0) and has now reached 2287.  The Darwin has about 200-400 personnel,
depending on what she is being used for.  It has a greater diversity of
life-forms than the Enterprise, and always a greater scientific expertise
at her disposal.  This results in her being called on for some intensive
first contact or exploration missions.  Her officers may be called on for
anything imaginable, and she always runs the risk of being the first
federation ship to intercept a distress signal, encounter a menace or
approach a disaster area.  Physically the USS Darwin resembles the USS
Reliant that Khan hijacked in Star Trek II.  She is somehat smaller than
the Enterprise and does not have photon torpedoes, but does boast three
shuttles (Beagle, Erasmus, Aldous Huxley) (including one warp shuttle - the
Beagle) that can be lightly armed.  For the record, her maximum speed is
Warp 8, but anything higher is possible if you don't mind risking
structural damage . .

The research projects being undertaken by the scientific teams sometimes
play an important part of the stories.  The referee is welcome to end old
projects and name new ones in the course of an adventure.  The projects
will be described in the Rank-by-Rank Structure bit.

"We must, however, acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his
noble qualities, still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his
lowly origins."
        - closing words from Darwin's "Descent of Man", quoted on the USS
Darwin's dedication plaque.

4       The People

Notable PCs are :

Former Characters

Serrt, a native American Communications Officer, who died at the end of
Season One.

Fortescue-Jones, the former Engineering Chief who blew up the USS Gandhi.
He was only around for a couple of episodes, but know about him so you can
follow the jokes.

de Corentin, Tirion, the CMO in late season three.  Actually from a
parralel universe and unusually powerful.  Disappeared in "'til the Day
that I Die" to reappear to Garret in "Eye of the Storm"

Frank DiMaggio, a guitar-playing, former security chief (Old Soldiers Never

Commmodore Michael Fife, a scientist and lawyer (Captain, Mudd in Your Eye
to The Voyage)

Ensign Timothy Devial (Philip), a relativley feminine young Doctor with
an alcohol problem and a secret to keep . . .

Dr. Roxun, a slighlty colourless personality with unruly greenish-brown
hair, who died in combat with the Klingon vessel N'choma.

Captain Steven Bandu, an admirer of Kirk, but with more of a past. Died after
being shot by Romulans while the crew were escaping from a dimension-bridging
device. ('Till the day that I die)

Lt O'Neil (Rich), the Chief Security Officer. Slightly paranoid sharpshooting
chief of security. Died during "'Till the day that I die part 1"

Lt Sylik, Chief Science Officer. Killed by Cmdr Gl'inn. (Plague)

Dr Raymond, skilled Civilian Artificial Intelligence scientist.
signed on with large corporation (Gaeatronics of New Earth)

Cpt Andrew Sorahl, Moderate temperament. Expert in starfleet records.(resigned)

Lt Cassandra Tia, Security Chief, Canine race. Slightly Psychotic. (joined own

Current Main Characters 

Captain Yekatarina Mikhailna Mirova, from an influential Russian family.
Gregarious and middle-aged.  Other people tend to regard her as doing
things too much by the book.  Her opinion is that what other people regard
as the book is the basis of respect for the Federation.  She was reassigned
back to the refitted USS Mahatma Gandhi in season two then reassigned to
the Darwin. in mid-season four.

Cmmdr Gli'nn, catlike Caitian, argumentative and ambitious.

Patrick Garrett, Head of the Supernova prevention project. Has one
prosthetic foot after being shot by a Romulan.

Mutella, an Andorian (blue skin, white hair, antennae) Security Officer.
She has a tendency to enjoy violence too much.

Dr M.J. Revenant, Science officer.

Dr Maire Macpherson, Science Officer.

Tanya Maurice, Civilian Science Officer.

Dr Decker, head of the Hyperbionics project. Has bionic limbs.

Alison Tang, (NPC) girlfriend of Patrick Garrett and big ex-girlfriend of
Captain Bandu

Dr Taybard, Chief Medical Officer

Dr J.Jenner, Medical Officer

Dr Jenner, Robotics expert. Civilian Scientist.

Dr. Mrr'sstac, the catlike Caitian Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. T'inawan, T'engwar's father

Lt Cmdr. Anna Masaryk, a short tempered, skillfull and Rumanian Chief

Lt Cmdr Solrac (NPC), a half-vulcan Social Scientist.  Unusually, he chose to
live as a human rather than a Vulcan, and positively value his human
emotions.  He has spent many years in Colonial Operations Command, and
replaced Lt Serrt as Communications Officer.

Ezekiel (Steve), a hippy botanist with a strong affinity for plants.  Says
"Man" a lot.

The Crew of the USS Darwin NCC 8577

 name             : race/sex      :    position               :  other  duties
Cpt Mirova        : Human       F : Captain                   :
Cmdr Gl'inn K     : Caitian     F : 1st Officer               :

Dr. LC Mrr'sstac  : Caitian     M : Chief Medical officer     :     ???
Lt. Com. Masaryk  : Human       F : Chief Engineer            :  ?Transporters

Lt. Pace          : shapeshifter M : Chief Helm Officer       :  Shuttles

Lt. Soran         : Vulcan      M : Navigational Officer      :     ???
Lt. Solrac        : Hmn/Vlcn    M : Chief Comm Officer        :  EE Project Ldr
Lt. Com. E Barnes : Human       M : Head IBL Project          : Exobotany
Lt. Kura-shkva    : Kaferian    M : 2IC IBL Project           :
Lt Cmdr P Garrett : Human       M : Head, SNP Project         : Frq Awy tm SO
Civ YK Lothar     : Human       M : Speaker, WSC Project      :
Civ Jenner        : Human       M : Robotics expert           :
Dr Revenant       : Human       M : W.S.C.                    :
Dr McPherson      : Human       F : Science Officer           :
Dr Decker         : Human       M : head Hyperbionics project :
Civ Maurice       : Human       F : Science                   :  
Dr Taybard        : Human       M : Chief Medical officer     :
Dr J. Jenner      : Human       M : Medical officer           :
Dr. T'inawan      : Vulcan      M : Medical officer           :     ???      
Lt. Mutella       : Andorian    F : Security, 2ic             :     ???
Lt. Koras         : Tellarite   F : Security                  :     ???
Lt. Shinan        : Catian      M : Security                  :     ???
Ensign Saiza      : Human       F : Security                  :     ???

Mr Aquaas         : ???         - : Scientist (non crew)      :    Empath
???               : Tribble     - : Solrak's pet              :Scaring Klingons

Captain Bandu     : Human       M : Captain of the USS Darwin : RIP (Day I die)
Commdre Fife      : Human       M : Captain of the USS Darwin : promoted
Lt O'Neil         : Human       F : Chief Security officer    : RIP (Day I die)
Ensign Devial     : Shapeshifter- : Security                  : RIP (Fmly Vls)
Ensign Denisus    : Andorian    M : Security                  : RIP (Ibl o Ntr)
Ensign Govinda    : Human       F : Security                  : Crt Mtl ( "" )
Dr. Roxun         : A. Centuran M : 2IC Medical officer       : RIP (Sb Els Cf)
Lt. Groom         : Human       M : Helm officer              : Injury ( """ )
Dr T'engwar       : Vulcan      M : Medical officer           : Dfctd to Rmlns.
Lt.      Sylik    : Vulcan      M : Chief Science officer     : RIP (Plague)

5       The Deck-by-Deck Structure

Deck Plan (J)

The USS Darwin is a Miranda Class ship (same class as the Reliant).

The saucer section includes parts of decks D-F, and all of decks A, B, H,
and I.  The engineering section includes parts of decks D-F, and all of
decks C and G.  The weapons pod has been replaced by a sensor pod, and the
Darwin has no photon torpedoes.  Something like this . . .

        ___.---.___         Sensor Pods             __---___     
     _-'    >-<    `-_      A, B              _-_   `___----`    C
   _o__.---'---`---.__o_    D      ______.---'---`--'-/|-----.   D
  |=====================|   E, F   `------._________./ |-----'   E, F
   /       `-_-'       \    H, I            `--_--' \  `--.__    G
   |                   |                        ___`-------`-__________
  (U)                 (U)   Warp Nacelles       \_=_\============)____/

                      _.-----.(   __             ___\ Starbord
                   .-'         `.<   ,----------'       Warp
                 ,'            / `\ <--.              Nacelle
                /           ---    \ \  \
 Saucer        |        ,---,/  [##| |###\
               |       / ,--/____,-| |--, |
 Section       |       |( o  _|__|      |@)  Engineering Section
               |       \ `--\    `-| |--` |
               |        `---'\  [##| |###/
                \           ---    / /  /
                 `.            \ ./ <--'                Port
                   `-._       _.'<__ `----------.____   Warp
                       `-----'(_____________________/ Nacelle

A       Bridge & VIP docking.

B       Security Chief's Office, Armoury, Brig

C       Shuttle Bay, Hanger, Cargo Bays, Machine Shops, Turbolift Repairs, 
Cargo Transporters.

D       Officer class quarters, mess and lounge.  Recdeck, Chapel.

E       Crew class quarters, mess and lounge.  Recdeck.  Auxiliary Bridge, 
Computer Core, Emergency Transporters, Phaser Banks.

F       Sick Bay, Labs & research facilities, Impulse Engineering & Engines,
Botanical garden.

G       Warp Engineering, Antimatter/matter Storage, Swimming Pool, Gym.

H       Transporter Complex, Briefing Rooms, Conference Room

I       Map Room, Main Communications Rig, Navigation Sensors

6       The Rank-by-Rank Structure

Starfleet Positions

1 Captain (Captain)
1 First Officer (Cmdr)
10 enlisted Yeomen (sic)

1 Chief Science Officer (LtCmdr)
6 Science Sub-division Heads (Lt) for life, physical, planetary, social, and 
space sciences.
36 enlisted technicians

1 Chief Medical Officer (LtCmdr)
3 Theatre-qualified Doctors (Lt), with other specialisations (eg Dentistry)
1 Consultant Psychologist (Lt & MD)
12 paramedics, divided into 3 trauma teams (enlisted)
19 nurses, theatre staff, technicians

1 Chief of Engineering (LtCmdr)
3 Engineering Sub-division Heads (Lt) for Warp, Impulse and Environmental 
9 Watch Officers (Ensigns)
85 Crew (Enlisted)

1 Chief of Security (Lt)
3 Security Ensigns
18 Security Guards (Enlisted)

1 Chief Helm Officer (Lt)
2 Helm Ensigns
27 Helm Enlisted Crew

1 Chief Navigation Officer (Lt)
2 Navigation Ensigns
15 Navigation Enlisted Crew

1 Chief Communicatons Officer (Lt)
2 Communication Ensigns
12 Communications Enlisted Crew

The Research Projects

"Intelligent Botanical Linguistics"
Trying to expand the universal translator to work with sapient botanic
life-forms.  Lt Ezekiel Barnes is heavily involved with this project.

"Warp-Speed Computing Project"
Building warp fields round computers to, effectively, speed them up.  Dr
Orengo ("The Nature of Knowing") and Lt Cmdr. Masaryk are involved with this

"Supernova Prevention Project" (finished)
Is it possible to prevent Supernovae?
Patrick Garrett is trying. 

"Superhard Materials"

"Spacefaring Life-forms"
Led by Alison Tang.

"Social Aspects of Telepathy"

"Comparative Evolution of Sapients"

"Environment and Economics"
Led by Solrak.

"Neural Networking for Artificial Intelligence"

Taking prosthesis into the 24th century
Led by Dr Decker

7       The Drinking Game

Following hard on the heels of the Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9 and Dr Who New 
Adventures drinking games, comes ST:VUD.

All you need is
*       Something to Drink (doesn't even need to be alcoholic)
*       A group of people playing ST:VUD.

You take the requisite amount of drink whenever one of these events happens.

1 mouthfull     A minor ST:TOS castmember appears (eg T'Pau, M'sella, Kyle)
large gulp      A major ST:TOS castmember appears (eg Kirk, Chekov)
2 mouthfulls    The Crew is transported to a parallel universe (Again!)
large gulp      In the parallel universe they get a ship with photon torpedos

The Ship
1 mouthfull     is damaged to stop the players from using some part of it.
2 mouthfulls    If the damaged part is the phasers.
2 mouthfulls    If the Warp Speed Computing Project has disabled the Warp engines.
        x2      If the disablement is totally unfeasible
2 mouthfulls    is captured
whole glass     is destroyed
large gulp      fires phasers in anger

Any Player
1 mouthfull     suggests using photon torpedoes ("what photon torpedoes ?")
large gulp      actually tries to fire photon torpedoes
2 mouthfulls    suggests activating the cloaking device!?
1 mouthfull     changes shape (!)
1 mouthfull     meets something from their past
2 mouthfulls    If the thing-from-the-past is a psychological recreation.
2 mouthfulls    is injured
full drink      dies
1 mouthfull     gets another characters' gender wrong (eg his instead of hers)
2 mouthfulls    gets their own gender wrong
1 mouthfull     refers to Glynn as "Captain"
1 mouthfull     (in character) refers to a ST:TOS castmember
2 mouthfulls    is removed from the adventure by a blatant plot device because
                the player is (OOC) absent.

Barnes, Ezekiel
1 mouthfull     makes disparaging comments about vegetarians
1 mouthfull     runs away from a situation (and hides)
2 mouthfulls    actually puts himself in danger

match shot4shot drinks a peppermint flavoured milkshake
1 mouthfull     (in character) gives too many orders for a mere 1st officer
1 mouthfull     (out of character) forgets he isn't the referee

Lothar, Yixan
1 mouthfull     smokes a synthe-garette.
2 mouthfull     is prevented from smoking a synthe-garette
3 mouthfulls    develops lung cancer or heart disease

1 mouthfull     argues with her superiors
1 mouthfull     's player attempts a Rumanian accent
2 mouthfull     If it is believable
full drink      has not argued with superiors by the end of the adventure
                (ie the player forgets to role-play)

1 mouthfull     says "This is Captain Yekatarina Mikhailna Mirova . . ."
1 mouthfull     says something in Russian

1 mouthful      reminds security about the Prime Directive...
1 mouthfull     compares things to 20th Century earth history
1 mouthfull     's pet tribble appears

Tang, Alison
1 mouthfull     is captured, posessed, or otherwise used as a plot device
2 mouthfulls    is not used as a plot device in ANY way.

1 mouthful      technobabbles for two minutes solidly.
2 mouthfulls    if it makes sense!
1 mouthful      's player attempts an Irish accent.
1 mouthful      Anybody mentions Billy The Kid.

8       The Episode Guide

Season One

Old Soldiers Never Die

When an old battleship is stolen from Memory Alpha, the heroes, then in the
USS Mahatma Gandhi, are assigned an investigation that involves the
criminal backwaters of the federation, computer hacking, and several photon
torpedoes fired in anger.

The Prisoners

In a tribute to another cult TV program, mysterious powers kidnap two
heroes and place them in a village controlled by "Number Two" Captain
Mirova . .

Board of Enquiry

A difficult rescue is forgotten as a new Engineer pushes the Gandhi's
engines too far.  He, and Mirova, are court-martialled and the heroes are
given the scientific scout ship the USS Darwin.

Fair Trial

In orbit round a federation world, the Darwin is approached by a stranger
in a stolen shuttlecraft requesting political asylum.

Nobody is Perfect

A mysterious powerful race harasses the Darwin and then makes contact with
it.  The contact party goes to the new race's homeworld and finds a
hypnotised slave workforce.  The beings turn out to be renegade Organians,
and the villians from "Prisoners".

Here be Dragons

The landing party are awaiting transport back to the Darwin and staying
with settlers who know Lt Solrac.  They investigate a powerful native
life-form that is terrorizing the settlers and threatening relations with
the aborigonal intelligent life, and arrest Haricourt Fenton Mudd.

The Temple of Descisions

A team is sent on a mission to open relations with a planet of displaced
Aztecs in the neutral zone.  They find all the problems of 20th Century
Latin America.

The Kuve

Investigating the dissapearance of a Vulcan ship, the crew discover a race
held in slavery by the Klingons, and a listening post that has breached
federation security.  Sert is injured . .

Recalled to Life part I

T'engwar receives a telepathic distress signal from his long lost father,
which leads the Darwin to a mental institution on a disused space-station,
where the inmates have taken over and his father is languishing.

Recalled to Life part II

Trapped in a mind meld with his father, T'engwar comes face to face with
memories of civil war on the Eltanin colony of New Horizon thirty years

Life and Death

The Darwin races against time and Klingons to understand how to help the
alien survivors of a wartime minefield.  Against the background of Sert's
death, the aliens turn out to be remnants of an people believed extinct
long ago.

Season Two

The Nature of Knowing

Dr Orengo, a Darwin scientist that happens to be a mysterious crystalline
entity disappears into the ships computer in an explosion and is presumed
dead.  Its own kind turn up and threaten force if the Darwin does not
extradite it for sharing scientific secrets.


The Darwin stops at Dorida for research to take place, but the crew become
engaged in the search for a serial killer.  The killer turns out to be an
unfortunate genetic construct, who develops a sense of right and wrong and
as a results requests his own destruction.

Deeper into Black

A diplomatic team is forced to engage in the unusual rites of passage of an
alien culture.  They suddenly find themselves having to race against the
clock as the aliens wrongly accuse the diplomat, and Cap Mirova wrongly
accuses Ensign Devliol, of the theft of a spiritual artifact.

Return to New Horizon

The Darwin takes a diplomatic mission to Eltanin.  The civil war that
wrecked New Horizon is meant to be over, but extremists from the larger
side attack the Darwin.  The UFP diplomat turns out to be a rebel agent.
She seizes the Darwin and uses it to attack the city.  Captain Stormike
retakes the ship with Klingon help.  The Klingons try, but fail, to
double-cross the crew.

Mudd in Your Eye

Haricourt Fenton Mudd turns up, fleeing the treaty zone and pursued by
Klingons.  The Darwin defeats the Klingon ship easily.  Mudd has a gem,
that the Klingons claim he stolen, embedded in his chest.  It gives him
enhanced powers, that he uses to control the Darwin.  Captain Fife is
incapacitated by a booby-trapped computer.  T'engwar tries to use the
captured Klingons against him, and gets overpowered and court-martialled.
Ensign Devliol works out a scheme to shatter the gem and retake the ship.


The dark Organians, under their guise as "Number One" (see "The Prisoners"
and "Nobody is Perfect"), transfer a group of Darwin personnel to another
dimension while they are transporting.  They find themselves in a world
where magic is real and women hold the positions of power.  They have to
solve a mystery before "Number One" transports them back.

The Morpheus Incident

Starfleet sends the heroes into Klingon space to recover an experimental
vessel, the "Morpheus".  The heroes hire an Orion ship and are quickly
found by the Morpheus.  The race who built part of the Morpheus' circuitry
are jamming it.  Contact is made.  Starfleet then spends a week wiping
everybody's mind.


A female intruder confronts Captain Fife in his quarters and threatens his
life.  She has a telepathic self-defence mechanism which forces crewmembers
who attempt to rescue Fife to face their worst fears:- Devliol's childhood
beatings and Barnes' exam nerves.  She is satisfied when Fife relives the
accidental killing, by Fife, of Morusha's father two decades earlier.

The Fortune Teller

A future Solrac is discovered floating in space in a fluctuating warp
field.  The field is a non-intelligent life-form that attacks the Darwin,
takes over Barnes and is eventually sent back to its home dimension.  The
future Solrac is placed in suspended animation until the present Solrac is
sent back in time.

Planet of Devils

A monastic colony reports harrassment by devils from Terran and Tellarite
mythology.  Anaway team discovers a malfunctioning defence system designed
to protect an ancient hibernating race related to the Iconians.  Devliol is
nearly killed in is first assignment as a qualified security officer,
trying to bypass the defences.  The hibernators are woken, and positive
diplomatic relations are established.


Whilst the Darwin attends a medical emergency, Mutella leads a warp shuttle
to an SOS from a Klingon-setttled planet in the treaty zone.  Orions,
hoping to supplant the colonists, secretly plan to help the native
intelligent life to attack the few remaining Klingons.  The Klingons leave,
but the Orions are prevented from profiting.

Season Three

Imbalance of Nature (2903.82=8402.2) (IKM)

The Darwin investigates the disappearance of an unmanned UFP base on the 
planet Azheril and discovers a base of the dark Organians.  It becomes
clear that the plant-like life form that covers Azheril is dying, and
that this will compromise the structural integrity of Azheril enough
for it to be torn apart by the close approach of two other planets.  The
dark Organians are forced to flee and some of Azheril is saved but some
debris is set to collide with Aleriad.  This adventure begins the "Denial of
Destiny" story arc.

Mathematics of Mercy I (8409.3) (AP Hooper)

With a asteroid storm that would obliterate the primitive Alerian
civizalisation imminent, Starfleet puts the Darwin in command of a fleet of
ships and permits it to break certain parts of the prime directive in order
to save as many Alerian inhabitants as possible.  Expecting an impossible
choice of who to save, Alerian society turns out to be factionalised and
religously intolerant.  The "Kembali" Alerians hold a banquet for the
Darwin's crew, at which the Darwin shows a hologram of the catastrophe.
The Alerians react by referring to a "Time of Testing" that it would be
sacreligous to evade.

Mathematics of Mercy II (AP Hooper)

Relations with the "Kembali" Alerians degenerate badly, to the point where
the Darwin away team are practically being held prisoner.  The Darwin hears
of a group of Alerians whose religon allows them to be rescued, and the
away team survive attacks by another faction in order to reach them.
Caverns are created to house other rescuees, and as many of the asteroids
are deflected as possible.

The Journey (8460.1) (AP Hooper)

After the bombardment of Aleriad is over, it becomes obvious that Aleriad
is no longer "Class M".  The rescued Alerians drop into a contemplative
trance.  Some of them, under the leadership of an Orion agent disguised as
an Alerian, stage a revolt, and use their psychic powers to overpower the
crew and take over the Darwin.  A core of officers regain control of the
central computer and hence control of the Darwin.  The Alerian leader
reasserts control and the fleet reaches Starbase 12 without incident.
Captain Fife is promoted to Commandant, and Masaryk is promoted to LtCmdr
and full Engineering Chief.  Solrac, who was in command when the ship was
taken, loses his first officer position, but stays as communications

The Accused (8573.9) (JM)

The Darwin, now led by Captain Steven Bandu, attends the celebrations on
the planet Pegasus II of 20 years in the UFP. Patrick Garrett is acting F.O.
Someone uses a laser to communicate a plea for help to the Darwin - he claims he
has been hounded by Pegasus security.  Research shows that the man is wanted for
numerous violent vigilante crimes.  A Darwin away team succeeds in finding him. 
Garret is transported back with him after "arresting" him under a different name.
when surrounded by Pegasus security. Pace is not so lucky, he is captured.
Psychotricorder scans show that he was hypnotised into committing vigilante
acts of which he has no memory.  Circumstantial evidence implicates the
government, but cannot be corroborated.  Pace is freed by the UFP consul,
who extends him diplomatic immunity.

Family Values (8605.8) (IKM)

An accident occurs in the Intelligent Botanic Linguistics laboratory as new
first officer Lt Cmdr Gl'inn joins by shuttlecraft.  A plant has filled the
air with irritant particles as its natural defense mechanism was - somehow
- triggered.  A shipwide search for Barnes' dog, which left the lab shortly
after the accident, proves to be red herring, as the DNA in the irritants
is matched to shapeshifting Ensign Devliol.  Visiting scientist Luke van
Derkayman transports out onto an industrial plant on the small planet that
the Darwin is orbiting, followed by Devliol, who has disguised himself as
another security Ensign.  Solrac discovers that van Derkayman was Devliol's
foster brother and killed her fiance just before the wedding on the planet
Vulcan.  Devliol is shot by a security guard, relapses into a green Orion
unable to survive in a vacuum, and asphyxiates.

Ship Shape (8834.6) (Charles G Weekes)

The Darwin is scheduled for an inspection by Commodore Dooley, who is known
for strictness and has just failed six out of six ships.  In a desparate
attempt to avoid losing their shore leave they succeed in discovering
Dooley's secret love (Chocolate butter-nut doughnuts with Irish coffee) and
making him some.  He fails Gl'inn, Solrak and Bandu, but passes the ship as
a whole.  ("I didn't want to make this a direct order.  Make chocolate
butternut doughnuts.  It is for the good of the ship." - Gli'nn.)

Somebody Else's Conflict (8845.2) (IKM)

Klingon bird-of-prey N'choma engages the Darwin and gives chase at Warp
speed.  Captain Bandu recognises Garagh'er as a Klingon he rescued on New
Horizon.  It succeeds in intercepting and, despite heroic efforts,
crippling the Darwin causing 10 deaths (including Roxun) and five permament
disablements (including Groom).  Captain Bandu surrenders himself.
Garagh'er explains that she defeated Bandu to recover her personal honour
and, bound by family traditions, gave Bandu a Bat'la as a token of him
saving her from the even greater dishonour of being captive, then returned
him to the Darwin.

A Doomsday Like any other Pt 1 (JM, FASA published adventure)

The Darwin is hailed by a merchant vessel pleading for help. The captain claims
he is being chased by a giant ship that destroys all in it's path. The Darwin 
discovers what is chasing him. Quickly cross-referencing files allows the giant
ship to be recognised as a Doomsday device which was encountered by the USS
Enterprise. The Darwin scientists quickly get to work on studying it. The 
composition of the hide prevents direct analysis. Alison Tang and the life
sciences dept get to work on understanding the algorithm which makes it "tick".
The Darwin then discovers Romulans in the area.

The device is heading for a planet nearby. Cpt Bandu tries to re-enact the
original conditions which Kirk used to destroy the first one. After bargaining
with the goverment of the planet (a planet of traders and businessmen) for
a ship with sufficient warp capability, a team of engineers set it to warp-core
breach in the mouth of the Device. It fails.

A Doomsday Like Any Other Pt 2 (JM)

The trader captain hails The Darwin. He says he has the control box to the
doomsday machine but he can't work it so he's willing to give it to us...
for the right price, of course.  A small team from the darwin beam aboard
his vessel including Gl'inn, Garrett, Pace and de Corentin, the new M.O. on
beaming to the ship the are confronted by Romulans.

The trader captain of the merchant vessel explains how he found the Doomsday
device dormant with a small lump of the same material as it orbiting it.
he captured the orbiting element which he claims is a control box because
after he took it, the Doomsday Ship became active and followed him. He explains
that he can't operate it and so will sell to the highest bidder. After striking
a deal with the Romulans to be allowed to see the interior of the device
TOGETHER, Cpt Bandu, Pace, Garrett, de Corentin Solrac and a small security
contingent went aboard the ship.

Pace and Garrett slipped away from the main group and linked tricorders
with the device. They hoped to learn the language of the device and program
it. 3 romulan warbirds uncloaked by the Darwin. The Romulan threatened the
trader to sell them the device at the price of his life. Pace and Garrett
kept Bandu informed as to thier progress. The Romulan noticed they were
missing. Bandu called a senior officers meeting to buy some time. Pace and
Garrett announced they had done it but they needed to leave a tricorder
behind.  Bandu and the Romulans agreed to leave, with the Romulans in
control of the control device. De Corentin and Pace planted the tricorder.

As the self-destruct on the Doomsday device became obvious, the Romulan
Captain uttered "Oh very well done, Captain!."  The Darwin sped off at
maximum warp.

Dark Reflections (JM,IKM)

There is a crossover between parralel universes in the warp-speed
computing project similar to the one that afflicted the USS Enterprise in
the ST:TOS episode Mirror, Mirror, and O'Brian and Kira in ST:DS9's
'Crossover'.  This affects Pace, de Corentin and Bandu, amongst others,
who struggle to outwit the evil versions of themselves and find a way to
return to their own universe.  The heroes succeed in surviving long enough
for simple physics to throw them back into their own universe.

This is the episode where Pace survives being squashed by a quickly
descending lift by shapeshifting, establishing his perhaps undeserved
reputation for invulnerability, and confronts his evil half disguised as
de Corentin.

Celeste Syndrome (stardate unknown) (JM)

Captain Bandu has been temporarily re-assigned by starfleet. The Darwin is in
a planetary nebula after a supernova to take readings for the SNP project. as
a result, Lt Cmdr Garrett is acting captain. While in his quarters, a female
face appears on his viewscreen pleading for help. There are no logs of this
happening, no intercepted messages at all. After finding the source of the
distress signal An away team of volunteers beam aboard to find a ghost ship.
The dead captain tries to get rid of the team and one security member dies.
The tragic story of a bitter love triangle that ended in a ship dying unfolds.
After some discussion on the appropriate action, the lovers were re-united
peacfully in death and the crew are left with more questions to ask of the
universe, the questions of life and death, and the power of love.

Time will tell (RR)

The Darwin is approached by a small box-like thing with weird markings on
it. It probes the object to ascertain it's function, but decides not to
take the object on board the Darwin.

Part by part, the Darwin discovers that the Federation, and its rivals in
the alpha quadrant, has been wiped out.  Each starship showed the
individual crewmen were disintegrated, but the starships themselves almost
unharmed. This was ascertained when the ship downloaded the logs of a
derelict ship.

The Crew then transfered to Dreadnought class ships and Garrett and Pace took
a long disused Enterprise and downloaded the science files in order to reverse
the effect.   The Mahatma Gandhi, piloted by Solrac, attempted to contact the Organians.

A skeleton crew aboard the darwin attempted to use the box-like device to
go back in time. This was succesful and they managed to prevent the war
that had spread into the federation from escalating. The future was
saved. As a result of the "Future" now not happening, the crew were
returned to the Darwin in the present.

The Defector (IKM)

The ship is approached by a humanoid in a shuttle craft, claiming to be a
Dark Organian who wishes to defect.  The figure is mentally unstable, and
unable to contain his own Organian powers.  As a result the crew experience
a variety of shared hallucinations.  The figure is shuttled to a 'safe'
space station by Pace.

The Real World (JM)

On a diplomatic mission to assess a scientists work for possible purchase by the
federation, Gl'inn, Garrett, Pace and Bandu beamed down. The device was a room
that created holographic illusion that felt "real" to the touch. The device was
in it's early stages but was still impressive. The scientist left the room to
control it from outside. Suddenly the away team found themselves in a forest 
that was not of the devices making. This was real. The team were hunted down
and caught by what appeared to be bailiffs. The next day the team were taken to
the capital city of wherever they were. There, after several wierd happenings,
Some of the team started to wonder if they were in the same universe. Perhaps
a place where magic and technology co-exist. While there, they caught a glimpse
of de Corentin who had been missing for a long while. After cornering
Tirion, Gl'inn and Garret began finding out where they were. Tirion just said:
you wouldn't understand. Garrett then told de Corentin exactly what he did
understand and Tirion realised that there was nothing more to hide. The crew
learned that they were in a place where all universes met and strange energy
biengs lived there. One had possessed Tirion when he died befor he joined the 
Darwin. De Corentin was returned unharmed and the crew sent back to the ship.
was de Corentin the same man they had known?

Parralels (Mike)

[Information lacking]

In the side-effect to an obscure scientific project, the boundaries between
parralel universes become weakened, and several alternate Darwins and
several alternate histories collide.  T'Engwar and T'Inawan join the
Romulans to continue the search for T'Engwar's mother at the end of the

Metagenics (IKM and Chng Yi-Mei)

The Darwin hosts a meeting the exchange plans for a space station between
the ritualised humanoid Federation member world "Darokan" and the
bolus-shaped creatures that inhabit "Darokan Beta".  A virus from Darokan
Beta gets through the Darwin's screening and begins to mutate the crew.
The virus proves resistant to the medical techniques of the Darwin, and
most of the crew is put into suspension for the journey to a starbase.  De
Courantain considers using illegal metagenic technology, which could cure
the virus, but could also become a terrible weapon of war if it slipped
into the wrong hands.  G'linn and De Corentin secretly come out of
hibernation to apply the metagenic technology.

The crew proved unable to remember subsequent events, as part of the
psychological disorientation of the following episode.  But the metagenics
evidently worked and remained covert.

The Day That I Die (part 1) (IKM)

Several of the crew start to experience strange alternate realities where they
go back to events in thier past. The effect gets larger and larger.
Suddenly the crew find themselves in a parallel universe living one of Bandu's
experiences. The crew discover expanding spheres of different realities that
threaten thier lives in each one. The crew get split up and in one reality
Lt O'neil is Killed. Still the crew press on until they encounter another sphere.
garret gets his right foot blown off by romulan disruptor fire! One half of the
seperated crew discover the spheres are in a weapon of some sort and they dig
outside of the weapons walls, trying to get to the centre to destroy it.
Bandu, Pace and Garrett are met by a strange, Pale man with yellow eyes. He asks
to speak to Bandu alone. 
He says: "I am Lt Cmdr Data of The USS Enterprise ncc 1701-D. The future of the
Federation is in jeapordy."...

Season Four

The Day That I Die (part 1) (JM, IKM)

The rest of the Captains contingent meet Data who introduces himself as Matthew.
Garret surmises that he is an android. Suddenly, Gl'inn and de Corentin arrive
on the scene, phaser blasting through the rock. Romulans come bursting through 
disruptors blazing. Data Catches Garrett who is immobilised by his wound. Garret
converses with Matthew and surmises that he is from the future. Data tells
Garrett that they want him dead that is why they are here. Data rigs the weapon to
destruct and the crew find their way to the centre of the device. Due to the
interference caused by the device the darwin can beam only one person at a time!
Romulans burst in, a firefight ensues. Bandu is hit by a disruptor...And dies.
Data and Picard in the future discuss the implications of Garrett dying in the
device. The Darwin crew try to come to terms with thier losses and the 
significance of what happened.
Garrett has a prosthetic foot fitted.

Smokescreen. (RR)

A new crew are assigned and Cpt Sorahl takes over as commanding officer.
A 300 year old Space hulk is found by the Darwin. An Away team discover it to be
full of hundreds of thousands of Cryogenically frozen bodies. Back aboard the
darwin, controls are going off-line slowly. The ship is reduced to bare Life 
support and emergency lighting and is Taken over by romulans. Dr Jenner and
Cpt Sorahl free themselves and Lt Cmdr Garrett and Garrett Hacks into the ships
computer. Jenner realises the romulans are alone. no ship nearby to defend them.
a security contingent help take the battle bridge back and secure it.
the Captain then re-starts the computer. 
With no advantage the rest of the romulans storm the battle bridge...
And are cut down by a swathe of phaser fire. Garrett is hit in the arm. The crew
now with the ship back but badly damaged, proceed to a starbase for repairs and
to study the Hulk.

Oedipus' Inferno (JM)

The Darwin is assigned to convey a team of social scientists from the O.G.W.
(Organisation for Galactic Welfare) to the planet Banala III to convince the
planets leaders to change their barbourous system of promotion to one based on
a more meritous means. The planet is based on the rule that, if you kill someone
then you gain the right to their job/possesions or whatever you covet. Loosely,
there are no laws regarding killing save that it is considered not done to kill
prone people like pregnant women etc... The O.G.W. are beamed down with a 
contingent from the Darwin as guests at a dinner. A Banalian Beaurocrat is
murdered and her replacement is congratulated. The crew are disgusted.
When a member of the O.G.W. is murdered, Captain Sorahl beams everyone back to
the ship. Solrac and the head of the O.G.W. discuss thier next move. Sorahl
arranges for the O.G.W. to return to the planet after he is convinced that there
will be no more "misunderstandings". The talks continue without event and 
without success.

The Naked Day (8854.1) (IKM)

Cpt Sorahl conducts a review of the scientific projects, both starfleet and
civilian. Alison Tang tells Sorahl of a family of spacefaring, non-intelligent
life-forms that will be intercepted by the Darwin and excuses herself from
the review half way through. Warp speed computing creates a small fluctuation
in space-time outside the ship with no apparent consequences other than
creating a nice rainbow effect. Sorahl shuts off the project and Garret and Masaryk
 re route the power surge to the phasers. Garret, Tang, Sorahl and Dr Raymond leave for
shuttle bay 1 to meet the new life-forms. Alison Tang moves over and touches one
of the aliens, then excitedly pats Sorahl and slings her arm round Garret.
Tang and Sorahl then start exhibiting strange behaviour. Sorahl leaves for the
bridge. Slowly but surely, most of the crew are affected. Garret hails Dr Mrr'sstac
as he is affected to explain the situation. He does it badly because he is affected.
On the bridge, chaos ensues. People are stunning each other, fighting, each
accusing the other of being affected by the epidemic of extreme intoxication.
The chief M.O. is stunned leaving Mrr'sstac in charge of medicine.
Sorahl runs onto the bridge screaming: "It's the Romulans isn't it!" and puts
the ship on Red Alert.
At which point, he too is knocked unconscious. At this point a perimeter alert
sounds and Garret takes Tang out of harms way and accesses a computer to find out 
what is happening. So is Jenner. A Romulan Bird Of Prey Uncloaks and powers up 
phasers. Garret hails the bridge and yells to whoever might still be able to do
anything about it to hail the romulans, if not he will. Lt Tia, the only
unnafected bridge crew hails them. They Give the Darwin 1 minute to surrender.
A battle ensues, short lived. When the Darwin has no shields left, Tia orders
a warp speed retreat. The Warp engine fails with the cold start. The romulans
are about to fire a finishing volley. Dr Mrr'sstac Announces he has found the
antidote to the intoxicating effect and pumps it into the air.
The crew start to come around. The viewscreen with the romulan vessel on it 
changes to a screen saying " Simulation Over " with the logo of Dr Raymonds
project on it. Lt Tia had the last word over internal comms:

PLAGUE (Michael)

The Darwin is under attack from a Klingon Battle cruiser. It has been hit by an
asteroid hence has only 30% shields. Ships phasers were innefective against it's
shields. Sorahl summons Garret to the bridge and Pace and Garret devise two ways
of disabling the cruisers shields scientifically. The darwin is being pummeled
and It's shields are failing fast. Sorahl orders the scienceand helm officers
ideas done and the kilingon vessels shields fail. The darwin cripples it with ships
phasers and the Viewscreen reports "Simulation over: total score: 75%".
Suddenly cmdr Gl'inn leaps out of her seat and attacks Sylik, killing him.
Gl'inn is stunned by Tia and taken to the brig where she is attended by a medical
team. It appears she has a high level of carbon and silicon in her bloodstream.
Sorahl starts to cough and sneeze so takes himself down to medbay. Mr'sstac 
attends to him and then attacks him! quickly a security team immobilise th Catian.
The same problem as with Gl'inn is evident. Lt Pace is left in charge.
Slowly it becomes apparent that the whole ship is infected with these silicon
carbon particles. Dr Raymond recognises them as Nanites. Cpt Sorahl makes his way
back to the bridge but falls unconscious. When he comes around he attacks Solrac
who uses a nerve pinch to immobilise him. Dr Raymond attempts to assess how the
Nanites work and fails. The Ship is put in general Quarantine. Garret, who is
aiding acting chief S.O. Mcpherson with scans, detects an exotic particle that
he has never seen or heard of before, entering the ship and striking Cpt Sorahl.
This kills off the Nanites in Sorahl. Dr Raymond is informed. Garret gives Dr
Raymond complete access to the SNP lab to use the data there. Lt Cmdr Masaryk
accompanies him to W.S.C. and they use the ships defenses to knock out the rest of 
the crew. After generating a field of these particles is Main Engineering, Raymond
and Masaryk take the ship past the nearby star with Nav-deflectors off. This
irradiates the ship with these particles and other radiation. The Nanites are killed
but the crew suffer a liberal dose of Radiation poisoning which results in one death.
Masaryk takes the ship to a nearby Starbase and the situation is reported.
Dr Jenner is analysed with a psychotricorder after he attempts to kill sorahl!
He is found to have a Romulan brain implant and is implicated for the whole
affair. His fate is undecided.


Cpt Sorahl gets a "Captains Eyes only" message from Starfleet. He orders Pace to set
a course for the Mutara Sector. A small planetoid recognised as from the Ceti
system comes across our path and Garrett finds a beacon. The beacon says:
"Genesis active...Meteor collision...beware of Romulans through wormhole...
majority of crew planetfall on Ceti alpha VI...Dr Carol Marcus believes planet
was preserver experiment...Large underground caverns."
Garrett gets the message against the wishes of the Captain. Sorahl sends a shuttle
containing Pace, Masaryk, Raymond  and a science officer to co-ordinates in deep
space. here they rendevous with the USS DEFIANT NCC-1764A A constitution class
starship under the command of Commodore Fife! Garrett, Tia and a small security
contingent are sent to the planet Alpha Ceti VI in Enviromental Suits.
The Darwin, relising the danger of Romulans, is sent racing to the shuttle.
there, after seeing the wormhole open up and determining it's end as the Devron
system in the Neutral Zone, The Romulan Stormbird Quatel decloaks. A fire-fight
ensues, the Quatel is severely damaged, the Darwins warp capability is damaged.
The stormbird is observed to be changing at the sub-molecular level. When one of
it's Nacelles changes into an organic shape, they cloak and dissapear.
Garrett and Tia locate the defiants crew and discover a red stone of unknown age
and composition, it defied all scans. The Darwin and the Defiant return to the 
planet to discover Genesis has covered half the planet! Evacuation of the Defiant's
crew is organised and Commander Cyan of the Defiant is beamed down to aid in 
understanding the relationship between the stone and the wormhole. Cyan and Garret
work out a way of closing the wormhole that would mean destroying the planet.
Sorahl and Fife have no objections so they do it. Cyan takes the Red Stone just
before a timely beam out. with the Defiant in tow and only impulse power, the Darwin
only just escapes the Gen-Active protomatter debris! Garret and system
comes across our path and Garrett finds a beacon. The beacon says:
"Genesis active...Meteor collision...beware of Romulans through wormhole...

majority of crew planetfall on Ceti alpha VI...Dr Carol Marcus believes planet
was preserver experiment...Large underground caverns."
Garrett gets the message against the wishes of the Captain. Sorahl sends a shuttle
containing Pace, Masaryk, Raymond  and a science officer to co-ordinates in deep
space. here they rendevous with the USS DEFIANT NCC-1764A A constitution class
starship under the command of Commodore Fife! Garrett, Tia and a small security
contingent are sent to the planet Alpha Ceti VI in Enviromental Suits.
The Darwin, relising the danger of Romulans, is sent racing to the shuttle.
there, after seeing the wormhole open up and determining it's end as the Devron
system in the Neutral Zone, The Romulan Stormbird Quatel decloaks. A fire-fight
ensues, the Quatel is severely damaged, the Darwins warp capability is damaged.
The stormbird is observed to be changing at the sub-molecular level. When one of
it's Nacelles changes into an organic shape, they cloak and dissapear.
Garrett and Tia locate the defiants crew and discover a red stone of unknown age
and composition, it defied all scans. The Darwin and the Defiant return to the 
planet to discover Genesis has covered half the planet! Evacuation of the Defiant's
crew is organised and Commander Cyan of the Defiant is beamed down to aid in 
understanding the relationship between the stone and the wormhole. Cyan and Garret
work out a way of closing the wormhole that would mean destroying the planet.
Sorahl and Fife have no objections so they do it. Cyan takes the Red Stone just
before a timely beam out. with the Defiant in tow and only impulse power, the Darwin
only just escapes the Gen-Active protomatter debris! Garret uses the large 
deflector on the defiant to send out an anti-proton pulse that de-activates the
protomatter debris. One long range tight beam pulse is sent to deactivate a
small cluster of protomatter encountered in deep space.
Commander Cyan hands Garrett the Red Stone for further analysis...
Sorahl, after several of the crew disobeyed several direct orders, threatened to

A Time To Live... (D.Barret, L.Downs)

Garrett is in his Lab when he is hailed by Alison Tang from Medbay...
"Darling, I'm pregnant!, It's a girl!"
Garrett heads down to medbay immediately and while there, The Darwin suddenly jolts.
Commander Gl'inn has the bridge because Sorahl is taking some much needed R+R.
The ship was pulled through an unstable wormhole which closed behind it.
a brief scan of the area shows the Drawin in uncharted space outside of the galaxy!
The darwin heads for a nearby planetary system orbiting a Sun-like star.
There is one M-Class planet and there are NO Fauna on it, only flora and what 
appears to be the remains of a civilisation. A Senior officers meeting is called
and an away team is sent to the planet after much discussion. They see plants
monopolising ruined cities, all over the place are plants. One ruin contains
two artifacts that are of unknown technology, best guesses are a mechanical/
electronic hybrid. Intelligent Botanical Linguistics find an intresting plant
specimen. Dr Raymond is given the artifacts to put his electronics expertise
to work on them. Alison Tang follows, interested in the ruins of a space faring
culture. Garrett, who was following Tang, is called to the bridge to put his
knowledge of astrophysical phenomena to use on the wormhole problem, working
with Dr McPherson. They announce they Cannot find a probable, safe route back.
Suddenly the ship is hit by some unknown force. a ship de-cloaks on top of the
Darwin... Meanwhile Raymond and Tang cannot scan the artifacts, it appears to be
synonymous with a box, belt clip and some batteries. They decide to try them out!
They find themselves in the same room, Lights out and dead bodies everywhere,
covered in frost. They find the same all around the Darwin...Back with the rest 
of the crew, some heavily armed and armoured Aliens beam over, through the shields
and Lt Tia is sent with a security contingent to find them and lock them down.
All are cut down by the Aliens. Gl'inn sets a collision course at warp for the
Alien's ship, but Masaryk gets shot in the arm before she can activate it! An 
Alien is now on the bridge. Again, masaryk tries to move towards the console
and is shot again, The Alien stands there, shooting anyone who moves towards the
console and watches them die. Gl'inn leaves the bridge by moving down a hole in
the deck that had been blasted open and McPherson slowly backs away out of the
bridge. Slowly all the crew are killed, Garrett and Gl'inn, the last, as Gl'inn
cautiously moved towards an Alien and Garrett just stared at the Alien on the 
bridge, trying to make sense of it. Then, The Alien being stalked by Gl'inn
turned around and shot her in the head, she died instantly. Garrett was suddenly
shot in the stomach, the last to fall.
Then the bridge crew were all on the bridge consisting of Gl'inn, Garrett,
Mcpherson and the others, including Sorahl and Tia. Suddenly, Tang and Raymond
burst onto the bridge, Tang screaming: "No time to explain, just do exactly as we
say!" with Raymond saying: "That plant we picked up from the surface, connect it
to the Warp Speed Computer!" Sorahl gave them permission and they linked up the
plant, it was reaching out for the connection, to the computer. The plant said:
"Take me home"
Suddenly the ship jolts and an Alien ship de-cloaks on top of them! As the Aliens
beam aboard, they encounter some sort of energy field and they disintegrate as
soon as they materialise. when the Alien ship is empty, sensors show a warp
breach on the Alien ship and the Darwin speeds away at warp. The wormhole opens
and the plant is beamed back to it's planet. The Darwin enters the worhole and 
heads home. Sorahl calls a meeting and Tang and Dr Raymond explain:
The plant life on the planet is the sentient life-form and the dominant life-form.
It knew how to stop the Alien invasion and re-open the wormhole but needed a
powerful yet adjustable warp system, The W.S.C. project. In return for it's
release from captivity it helped out the Darwin. 
The I.B.L. project had a glimpse of sentient plant life close up and W.S.C.
was, for once, the saviour of the Ship.

Don't Look back. 

The Darwin was in starbase to take on new crew after the loss of Andrew Sorahl
and Cassandra Tia. The new Captain, Mirova, a former uss Darwin Captain, met
with Gli'nn, Garrett, Solrac and other senior officers. The mission briefing
was that the ship would go on route to do a geological survey and starfleet
Auditors were in to assess the budgets of the projects. In the corridor as
Gl'inn, Mirova et al go to the darwin, a man stumbles out of a door, steadies
himself on Solrac and goes off. Solrac starts to feel symptoms associated with
a disease and goes to the station sickbay at his own request. Gl'inn asks
station security to put an A.P.B. on the man, describing the problem.
Station medical tell Mirova that Solrac needs to stay on the station for
further treatment.
Back on the darwin, a light speed emergency signal is detected so the darwin
heads off to investigate. They find a 150 year old orion ship.
An away team heads off consisting of Gl'inn, Garrett, 2 security officers and
the new C.M.O. They find drugs, federation weapons and weapons grade gemstones!
suddenly a scream is heard from a security officer and, on inspection, he is
dead! something has burst out of his chest! he is beamed out immediately and
the M.O. sees something crawl VERY fast away! Tricorder scans by the team show
nothing...except engine fluctuations! Masaryk beams over, so do Dr Decker and
six security personnel. Gl'inn assigns three each to Garrett and Decker.
Garrett hacks into the ships computer and finds his ability so speak Klingon
suddenly useful! he learns of a company called "The Firestone Corporation" who
appear to have something to do with the Gun-running. Gl'inn and Garrett head
for the bridge as Garrett needs better computer access and Masaryk heads for 
Engineering and tries to stabilise the engine. the C.M.O. heads for sickbay.
All three are scenes of carnage! phaser blast riddle the ship, dead bodies
cover the floor of all three areas. the Dr finds on person dead but with his
chest intact! the darwin beams him a stasis field which he slaps on him.
Gl'inn and Garrett find phaser blasts all over the ceiling. everyone is dead.
Garrett accesses the Captains logs and finds nothing useful. 
Gl'inn suddenly screams "Darwin, Emergency beam out NOW!" and the away team
are beamed aboard into a quarentined transporter room. the M.O. has the body he
found beamed into a cargo bay without running through the biofilter.
he beams a laptop he found to Garrett who finds a medical video log which he
patches to the Bridge. The Medical record describes the creatures.
Gli'nn tells mirova that the reason she screamed for the beamout was that phaser
fire seemed to have no effect on these creatures, who were silicon/carbon based.
this meant only projectile weaponry would work against them.
meantime, the ships doctor discovered a small creature in the thorax of his
corpse. this, he quickly put in stasis. Masaryk let it be known that the engine 
in the orion ship was brand new, not 150 years old! Gli'nn tries to persuade
Mirova to let a small, heavily armed away team including Lt Cmdr Garrett and his
pride .44 Automag circa. 20th century that, unlike phasers, he assured Mirova,
he could use well. They beamed into the orion Captains quarters and piled the 
contents onto the floor. Garrett finds a book full of 0's and 1's and ASCII
squiggles. Msaryk warns that she was wrong, the orion ship's engines will
explose in less that a minute. Mirova beams the cargo of the orion ship on
board the darwin. Garrett, Pace and Mirova set about trying to de-crypt the
code in the book. The darwin heads back to the Starbase and anchors off it.
4 days later, after the deciphering is nearly complete, Mirova, Gl'inn, the 
C.M.O. Dr Decker and Garrett are commended for their efforts in a meeting with
some starfleet men in suits and an Admiral. The Admiral stressed the need to
keep this silent and Asked if there was any evidence left on the darwin that 
had not been handed over for investigation and checked that Garrett had handed
over all copies of the code he found. The answer was yes, to both.
Back on the darwin, In Garrett's quarters, he pulls out his last copy of the
code and finishes deciphering it...
"Garrett to C.M.O...I have some 'readings' you might find interesting..."
"Whatever they were, they were packed and ready to go to Earth..."
and Firestone...well, that's another story...:)


© Ian McDonald 2001