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Season One
102 "Hearts and Minds"
Stardate 50407.8
K'Vuss: What is the battle?
M'kress: The "Battle" is with a Virus

The USS Brunel returns from Cestus III after picking up supplies for the redevelopment of New Lhasa for Minister O'Reilly. A day into the trip, a plasma explosion in Sick Bay kills the Chief Medical Officer and critically injures Counsellor Tang. The investigation (that involves M'kress and Veltr'a) discovers a Virus and some plasma overloads and safety overrides that used Chenier's command codes. Chenier orders the questioning of O'Reilley's people and the investigation of the Chakuun weaponry (which is on board for study) as possible culprits.
A day later a similar event sets the Brunel on collision course with the Tholian consulate. (The Klingon Ambassador who was set to rendezvous with the Brunel responds to the danger by insisting on doing so early - this is explained when he turns out to be Ambassador K'vuss - M'kress' father).
The Ambassador and Minister chance upon Chenier wrecking the communications array. A firefight ensues, in which she is stunned. It turned out she was "spacesick" (a form of insansity involving a conviction that humanity does not belong in the stars). The virus was a fake, and she had simply used her command codes. An investigation into how this happened begins.

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