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Season One
104 "Anapurnna's Journey"
Stardate 50481.9-50550.1

Over the course of a few weeks the planetoid moon Anapurnna completes an orbit and we get a "slice of life" episode.
Stadi turns down Horah Marash's offer of the Executive Officer job, and discovers an area where the mental problems are particularly common. She asks Minister O'Reilley to scan the area.
Minister O'Reilley and M'kress find a cave system under the area. O'Reilley also starts making sure Heart knows about his teams' successes.
M'Kress is promoted to full Lt. and Chief Science Officer, replacing Mortimer who is brevet promoted to Cmdr. and Executive Officer. M'kress discovers that Rasa is no longer at the place she hid with the Chakuun. The search fails to find her. Instead, she turns up at the bar where Veltr'a's new blues band is playing ...
... and nerve pinches a drunken Marcus Maximus, who was attacking Veltr'a. Then she discovers Veltr'a is Starfleet, and runs away. Maximus is reprimanded and moved into a more boring assignment. (He was going to fetch 14 Hammurabi class security/rescue ships.) Vox (the Kolinahr master of Rasa, M'kress and Veltr'a) discovers from M'kress that Veltr'a plays the blues, and forces Voltr'a to choose between the logical rigour of Kolinahr and the emotional honesty of the blues. He chooses the blues.

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