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New Lhasa

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Darwin TNG

Season One
105 "Yesterday's Battlefield"
Stardate 50569.3

The characters (O'Reilley, Stadi, Maximus, M'Kress and Reinhardt) mull over the impact of contemporaneous events in DS9 whilst surveying the nearby Lasok system for the dead of previous conflicts with the Tholians. A Chakuun ship attacks their Runabout, the Tamar, above the planet Lasok III, which is heavily mined. The Tamar sends out an SOS and retreats through the tunnel in the minefield, and the Chakuun ship is destroyed when it fails to negotiate the open space.
The crew discovers that the tunnel in the minefield was created by the Constitution-class USS Ark Royal crashing through it. They cannibalise the Ark Royal to put together a communications beacon.
The Starfleet personnel on New Lhasa rescue the Tamar with help from the Tholians, who deactivate the minefield. The Chakuun turned out to be left out of contact with the Tholian assembly after the last war, and had survived in suspended animation.

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