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USS Darwin: Episodes, Characters, and FAQL
Voyages of the USS Darwin
"It is the twenty-third Century. These are the voyages of the USS Darwin, a ship of 300 explorers and scientists traversing the final frontier. Starfleet has joined forces with scientists from across and beyond the Federation, their mission to explore strange new worlds and lifeforms in the greatest adventure of all." - Opening Narration

The Darwin campaign lasted from 1992 to 1995. It was my first foray into Star Trek roleplaying, gave birth to what is now the Science Fiction and Fantasy society of the largest Students' Union in Europe, and spanned many fondly remembered characters, conflicts, and players.

Gl'innn: I did not want to make this a direct order. It is for the good of the ship. Make chocolate buttercup doughnuts!

It didn't actually begin with the Darwin. It began with the USS Mahatma Gandhi, and the FASA adventure "Old Soldiers Never Die". (If David, the referee of that adventure, is reading this - please Email me.) When the Larson-class Gandhi blew its engines rushing to a rescue, we replaced it with the Miranda-class Darwin, which grew to have a contingent of scientists that sat at the senior officer's meetings and played a part in command decisions.

The setting is the movies era. The rules started as FASA, and became systemless. The campaign passed through five referees; David, myself, Jules, Richard, and Chris. And we had a few websites that eventually came down - I hope this one will stay.

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