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Season One
A fleet of ships takes ten million people back to their homes. To the mysteries of a poisoned planet, an enclave within Tholian space, and a tenuous peace.

Home is Where the Heart Is
When the UFP returns to New Lhasa, the Tholian Consulate creates another planetary pollution and some rogue Chakuun warriors capture some engineers.

Hearts and Minds
The Brunel's first officer becomes insane, and nearly causes a war before she is found and stopped.

The Limits of Kolinarhi
The nature of the New Lhasa syndrome begins to emerge, as a young Vulcan loses control of her emotions and attacks the Chakuun.

Anapurnna's Journey
In a slice of life, M'Kress gets promoted, Stadi turns down a promotion, Maximus gets into trouble, and Veltr'a must choose between Kolinarhi and the blues.

Yesterday's Battlefield
Our heroes are in a runabout which is ambushed by a Chakuun vessel that do not know the war is over.

Reinhart, Veltr'a and Kath'lar hack their way through a subtle holodeck fantasy created by one of the Captain's wifes.

Whisper of Vulcan Rage
Rasa, the unstable and psionically powerful young Vulcan, nearly escapes New Lhasa.

Decline and Fall
Maximus must stop his homeworld, 8-92-4, going over to the Romulans.

Prior Claim
Ancient alien technology is discovered in caverns beneath a New Lhasa syndrome hotspot.

Freedom Day
The election campaign forces the first meeting with the Tholian ambassador when O'Reilley's rival publicises the presence of the Chakuun exiles.

The USS Darwin's Cmdr. Scarlett arrives on New Lhasa on track of a Maquis fugitive.

Rites of Passage
Veltr'a tries to climb "The Spire", a large mountain that towers above the planetary capital, in competition with a Klingon. In the process, he discovers more about his past than he bargained.

The Cost of Knowing
Criminals interested in exploiting the New Lhasa syndrome for themselves kidnap Stadi's Betazed cat.

Ebb and Flow
A mission into the ocean depthas runs into trouble.

Faint Heart, Fair Lady
Governor O'Reilley finally has a meal with old sweetheart Dr. Hillback, the CMO.

Words and Deeds, Part I
M'Kress and Veltr'a discover an abandoned cryogenic Tholian prison, and have to choose between pushing the Tholians into the arms of the Dominion, and the prisoner's freedom.

Words and Deeds, Part II
The USS Darwin arrives for a joint diplomatic mission to prevent a Dominion treaty with the Tholians. Stadi develops New Lhasa syndrome, and has an orb vision.

The Four Winds
Veltr'a tries to track down his assasins, and Stadi goes to DS9 to find out why she is remembering a conversation with the Prophets. They are interrupted by the beginning of the Dominion War.

And All the Men and Women Merely Players
The Brunel, on its way back from the battle of Taurus IV, defends a planet where the men and women have separate governments from Dominion attack.

A sea creature attacks the research taking place in one of New Lhasa's oceans. Ahsok Quayn discovers he is trapped on Dominion-occupied DS9.

Beyond the Pall of Thunder
M'Kress and Petersen discover each other's strengths and weaknesses in the holodeck.

Free Trader Beowulf
A distressed Orion ship turns out to contain a changeling.

Wheel of Fate
Another alien device is found - a subspace tunnel into the Romulan Neutral Zone.

The Ballad of Ashok Quayn
Ashok escapes from DS9, with the help of several DS9 and USS Darwin characters.

M'Kress does very well in a tactical simulation, and Ashok does very well on a date with Stadi.

In Res Media
The portal changes switches from the Romulan Neutral Zone to the Gamma Quadrant, and the Jem Had'ar move in.

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