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Here are a few places to find out more about the role-playing system we use, the game, and the people that run it.

Sadly, these sites are currently down, but you might be able to find them with the web archive.

  • A discussion of the series concept from the FASATrek mailing list.
  • TrekRPG, the very useful LUG Star Trek game web site, and the home of Icon Trek publishing after the end of LUG
  • Last Unicorn, the former makers of the Star Trek RPG that we use for Star Trek: Colony. Until they were bought out by Hasbro, lost the license to Decipher, and told to move to Seattle if they wanted to keep their jobs.
  • Starfleet, the now long-gone University of London Union Science Fiction and Fantasy club where we started playing Star Trek and the two USS Darwin games were played out.

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