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Star Trek: Colony is a piece of interactive storytelling (as I like to call role-playing games) by a group of people in London, England. I put this site together because I wanted to keep notes on each week's story, let other people read them, and decided the web was the best way to do so. I have also put up my old notes from a previous Star Trek game, "The Voyages of the USS Darwin", which ran at the Sci-Fi society I set up in the University of London Union in one form or another from 1992 to 1997.

If you would like to join in, and are in the London area, please email me at The setting is a UFP colony within Tholian space. The player characters are be a mix of Starfleet personnel, colony staff and civilians. It's a weekly game, but the setting is designed to accomodate people who want to turn up rather less often. More information on the setting, and the characters, is in the "background" section. The "downloads" section includes the "opening credits" movie I did when I took up computer generated images as a hobby, and a few things that other players of Last Unicorn Games' Star Trek game might find useful.

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