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Season Three


301 To Have Loved and Lost
Lyranna is captured by Weyoun, and must be rescued.

302 Shall We Not Revenge?
An old enemy of Horah-Morash attacks personnel, and Loras Veltr'a is kidnapped.

303 Pulses
A terrorist attack on the Stephenson.

304 Ghol Ndena'ath
The net closes in on Loras Veltr'a's kidnappers.

305 The Gorn Crisis
After a coup on the Gorn homeworld, an armada attacks Cestus III

306 The Sum of All Our Memories
A subspace creature attacks, and the heroes lose their memories

307 So Died these Men as Became this City
Velt'ra must deal with the disappearance of Torrelan, and his relations with civillian security

308 Lyranna
Lyranna reaches a personal crisis, as both Quayn and Orioli go missing and her emotions leech away to Dr. Torrelan.

309 Give us the Tools
A meeting with the Varex rebels reveals gun-running from the Gorn.

310 Right of Vengeance
Sivalyar Tor dies from Romulan poisoning, and Torrelan is the obvious suspect

311 Wheels of Justice
Veltr'a must work with an autocratic JAG magistrate to uncover evidence, and against her to clear Dr. Torrelan.

312 Binding Site
Lyranna and Mariella track down an attempt to sabotage the E. Psientis vaccine.

313 Custody
K'ral finally discovers what happened to Kath'lar.

314 And Your Enemies Closer
Petersen returns to face suspicion. K'ral faces justice.

315 We owe Respect to the Living
Petersen is missing and bounty hunters are after him.

316 Tetrapsilobium
Lyranna and Mariella uncover a smuggling operation.

317 Fiona
Lyranna tracks down a Betazoid relic in a stolen dinosaur.

318 Misfire
Loras Veltra'a starts a fight in a bar.

319 Last Man Standing
Something stirs in the tunnels under New Lhasa.

320 Arran
Veltra'a serves his time.

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