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New Lhasa: Culture, History, World Info, Characters and Medicine

Character Roster

Capt. Horah-Marash
The consultative, avuncular, Grazerite, Captain of the Starfleet forces at New Lhasa. He was involved in the battle of 2363. His three wives include a civilian Counselor, and a holodeck novelist. NPC

Lt. Loras Veltr'a
An Andorian who was discovered abandoned on Vulcan, and adopted by Vulcan parents. At the start of the game, he also tried to live his life as a vulcan, but had rejected that way of life by the time of "Rites of Passage". To date his efforts to uncover the reasons for his abandonment on Vulcan have only brought attempts upon his life by other Andorians.Chief of Security. (Promoted to Lt. JG and Acting Chief of Security in "Onida"). Cliff Birch

Cmdr. Lyranna Stadi
A Betazoid whose abilities were limited after she contracted a virus in the line of duty. Transferred from Counsellor on the USS Darwin to leading a research team on the New Lhasa syndrome. She has since contracted this bacteria associated with the syndrome and as a result some of her abilities have returned, although without the same control.Lycia Collins

Lt. Merith
Caitian, male, Flight Control Officer. Joined in "Prior Claim". Grew up on a struggling Starfleet-run colony in a temporal anomaly in the delta quadrant.Max

First officer of the mixed-but-mainly-Klingon mercenary ship the Koloth. Koloth maintains strong ties with the New Lhasa Klingons, frequently running missions for them. Neither they nor the crew of the Koloth are not entirely accepted on the Klingon homeworld. Formerly an exchange officer on the USS Darwin.Lycia Collins

Lt. Cmdr Petersen
A human command-branch officer, whose strong instincts to defend the weak and powerless sometimes override his Starfleet training. Toby Jones

Ensign Reinhard
Philosophical and curious security person. Male human. Red curly hair.NPC

Lt. Shar
Male Vulcan Assistant Chief Engineer.NPC

Cmdr Mortimore
Male human acting XO. Promoted from Lt. Cmdr/Chief of Science to brevet Cmdr./XO in Anapurnna's journey. He was injured in the early stages of the Dominion war.NPC

Governor David Heart
New Lhasan politician, and romantic and professional rival of Munarch O'Reilley. He leads the hawk faction in the Council or Representatives who want to give the Tholians as little leeway in negotiations as possible. NPC

Bernard Hyde-Pierce
Aide to Governor Munarch O'Reilley - reminiscent of characters in the British comedy "Yes, Minister".Pookie

William Scarlett
A Starfleet Intelligence agent posted aboard the USS Darwin. His methods do not always include a full respect for the letter or the spirit of Starfleet regulation. When relaxing, he pursues high energy physics and women. His work occasionally takes him to New Lhasa. Chris Adams

Dr. Mariella Torrelan
A refugee medic who was seconded to Starfleet via the civillian security forces. Half betazoid and - although she was raised Vulcan - half Romulan. Elizabeth

Cmdr. Rojan Tor
Deltan administrator of the Tekindus shipyards that have secretly taken up position in the New Lhasan system. Alex Walton

Former Characters

Lt. M'kress (missing presumed dead)
Acting Chief Science Officer for the New Lhasa colony. Promoted to full Lieutenant in 'Anapurnna's Journey'.
A Klingon/Vulcan hybrid raised by her Vulcan mother. In her effort to control her 'Klingon Heart', she has embraced her mother's culture to the fullest and is attempting to be more Vulcan than a Vulcan. Professionally she is regarded as being highly competent, but she continues to have some difficulty in dealing with social situations. This has given her a reputation for rudeness. Pookie

Cmdr. Marie Chenier
(ruled medically unfit)
His confident and businesslike executive officer. (Who left in "Hearts and Minds"). Lycia Collins

Crewman Marcus Maximus(dead)
He stole away from the planet where Rome never fell as a stowaway in a Ferengi freighter. He joined Starfleet. He likes spaceships. Engineering/Conn. (Demoted from Ensign between "Whisper of Vulcan Rage" and "Decline and Fall". Died in the line of duty in "Decline and Fall".) Max

Tang (dead)
Female Human Counsellor who had the Chief Counsellor position before Stadi parachuted in. Killed in Pulses. NPC

Ashok Quayn (missing assumed dead)
Recently moved to New Lhasa from the Orion Colonies. He opened a restaurant and coffeehouse, the Orion CoffeeHouse, in Po'rama, the New Lhasan capital. He is a merchant, a gourmet chef, a womaniser, and (in the opinion of the other players) a slimeball. He was stuck on DS9 for a few months after the Dominion invasion, but the local Ferengi arranged his escape. Pookie

Dr. Jo Hillback (missing)
Chief Medical Officer. Joined in "Yesterday's Battlefield" to replace the CMO killed by Chenier. A New Lhasan native, Dr. Hillback was once in love with Munarch O'Reilley, but that was before the Tholians attacked. For a while, she was in a relationship with David Heart.NPC

Munarch O'Reilly
New Lhasan native planetologist who was there when the Tholians attacked. Appointed Minister for Rebuilding in Marash's caretaker technocrat government. Elected governor in "Freedom Day". Though elected to the position of Planetary Governor in 'Freedom Day', Munarch O'Reilly has not forgotten his professional calling and takes a strong - often a hands-on, interest in many of the research projects currently being conducted on New Lhasa. In unrequited love with old flame Jo Hillback. Toby Jones

Full Listing
Title Name G Species Allegiance Role Appearance & Manner
  Dithera F Andorian Andorian, Narek    
  Lo'tol M Andorian Andorian, Narek    
  Mari'ros M Andorian Andorian, Narek    
  Pilthus M Gorn Gorn Captain  
Amdr. K'Vuse M Klingon Klingon Ambassador, occasional  
  K'Ral M Klingon Klingon Head of House  
  Vohang M Klingon Klingon House Qulaine - M'Kress rival?  
Dr. Mara F Klingon Klingon Kath'lar, mother  
  Kath'lar F Klingon Klingon Weapons Scientist  
  K'ral M Klingon Klingon    
  Thelor M Klingon Klingon, House Mauro Advisor Long hair, slow, straight
  Kahl M Klingon Klingon, House Mauro House Mauro  
  Karak M Klingon Klingon, House Mauro Settler  
  Thefis M Caitian NL Security  
  Qu'oirat F Caitian NL Security Chief long, flowing, hair
  Muigheal F Human NL    
Llama Nangso Rimposhe M Human NL Bhuddist Leader  
  Heart, David M Human NL Colonists Governor Red H, Defiant Eyes, wears red/brown robes
Cllr. Fagian ? ? NL Colonists Health Minister  
Cllr. Valesus M Human NL Destiny Leader  
  G'rah M Klingon NL Klingons Bar Owner  
  Tharesk M Klingon NL Klingons Klingon Leader 50s, gruff, big beard.
  Tharag M Klingon NL Klingons Veltr'a, Associate  
  Yorag M Klingon NL Klingons Veltr'a, Associate  
Cllr. Larina F ? NL Moderate Education minister to O'Reilley  
  Rasa F Vulcan NL Psi ?  
  Felan F Human NL Psi Terrorist 20s Heavily Built blonde
  Ingvar M Human NL Psi Terrorist  
  Invus ? ? NL Psi Terrorist, invisible  
  Coraven F Betazoid NL UFP Bar Worker  
Prof. Hoff M Human NL UFP Expert 50s
Ex-Gov. O'Reilly, Munarch M Human NL UFP Rebel  
  Pelani M Betazoid NL UFP Supervisor 60s, white hair
Leader Essen M Human Refugee, Nelor IV   Burly, Tall
Facilitator Tarana F Human Refugee, Nelor IV   Plump, old, grandmother.
Cap. Horah Marash M Grazerite SF Captain  
Lt. JG Tang F Human SF Cllr Short straight black hair, ethnic Chinese
Lt. Sila M Human SF Engineering Ethnic Asian
Lt. Shar M Vulcan SF Engineering Chief  
Cmdr. Quayn, Lyranna F Betazoid SF First Officer/Project Chair Slim,attractive,30s
Lt. JG Peibyn F Bolian SF Helm Short, slim, 20s
Ens. Ferra F Human SF Medicine 20s,
Dr. Orioli, Kal M Betazoid SF Medicine Dark haired, sexy
Dr. Hillback, Jo F Human SF Missing  
  Iris F Betazoid Cat SF Quayn, Lyranna, pet A cat.
Ens. Green, Robert M Human SF Security  
Ens. Kayon M Deltan SF Security  
Ens. Petrarch M Bolian SF Security  
Lt. JG Reinhart M Human SF Security Red curly hair,
Ens. Yaimuno M Tellarite SF Security  
Lt. JG Veltr'a, Loras M Andorian SF Security Chief  
Ens. James F Human SF    
Amb. Tzadok ? Tholian Tholian Ambassador Crystalline, six-sided, large
  Lela Marash F Grazerite UFP Cllr  
  M'Reta F Caitian UFP Communications Officer  
  Pel F Ferengi UFP Financial Manager  
  Daya Marash F Grazerite UFP Holographic novelist  
Dr. Marenna F Andorian UFP Medicine, Civilian SF Doctor  
Dr. Baruguile M ? UFP Medicine, Neurologist Consulted about Ashok's injury
  Mos M Bolian UFP Negotiator Accompanied by a Nausican Associate
  Yafani F Betazoid UFP NLS Project  
  Jashe Marash F Grazerite UFP    
  Nehru, Tanya F Human UFP    
  Petersen, Sam M Human UFP    
  Tavar M Caitian UFP    
  Labos M Varex Varex Leader  
  Farez M Varex Varex    
  Kamol M Varex Varex    
  Vox M Vulcan Vulcan Vulcan Kolhinari Master Bald, grey eyes, long robes

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