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Season Two

201 Horsell Common
The Tholians advance on New Lhasa, and the population gets ready for a fight.

202 Coda to a War that Never Was
Wollstonecraft arrives in the USS Stevenson, while the PCs try to pick up the pieces. She tries to save Mortimore.

203 Safeties, Secrets, and Freedoms
Ashok Quayn interrupts Stadi's dangerous holodeck activities. Rasa escapes from under the noses of Loras Veltr'a and Petersen, and some of Ashok's secrets become collateral damage.

204 Downtime
The characters pursue their off-duty activities, vainly hoping for some relaxation.

205 On the Edge of Night
A research mission to a dark matter nebula in Tholian space goes dangerously wrong.

206 Open Season
Kath'lar makes M'Kress infamous throughout New Lhasa's Klingons, and they realise however much they insult her, she won't fight back. Meanwhile, Petersen becomes suspicious of Ashok Quayn.

207 Punishment
Stadi tells Ashok about Petersen, and Ashok goes to see him. Horah-Morash recovers, and starts to head back to New Lhasa.

208 Imzadi
The portal device in the newly discovered alien cave opens, powered from somewhere else. And someone carries Stadi's assimilated Imzadi through it.

209 A Week is a Long Time
An eventful week includes Kath'lar giving birth, psi-criminals escaping, and an attack on Ashok.

210 The Enemy You Know
Whilst Ashok and Lyranna identify Petersen as their enemy, a cell of Vulcan isolationists is discovered on New Lhasa.

211 Communications
Ashok asks Starfleet's computers for more than they should really tell him, and asks Lyranna to marry him. Someone asks K'ral to duel to the death. And Q appears.

212 Journey to Qu'onos
K'ral, Kath'lar, M'Kress and Veltr'a foil a plot to poison K'ral before he takes part in the duel on Qu'onos.

213 Thicker than Water
Intrigue and vengeance on Quo'nos.

214 The Message
The Reception for Ashok and Lyranna's wedding. Scarlett turns down an offer from Q to bring back his lost love in return for help convincing Lyranna to pull out. And a message comes from Voyager, with news of Lyranna's vanished sister.

215 Them that asks no questions isn't told a lie
A committee of inquiry asks why the population was not told about the temporal artefacts below the planet's surface. And Lyranna Quayn discovers the cure to Ashok's condition.

216 Musical Chairs
The Captain reorganises the responsibilities of the first officer. This results in significant discord.

217 The Flotsam of War
Advisers supplied by House Mauro to House K'Ral arrive. M'Kress enters Pon Farr.

218 Jetsam of a Hybrid Mind
M'Kress fixates on Petersen.

219 About Power
M'Kress takes a complaint about Loras Veltr'a to court.

220 About Choice
As the fallout from M'Kress' Pon Farr continues, a more virulent form of the New Lhasa syndrome beings to kill.

221 The Cherokee
The Cherokee visits for shoreleave. The alien gate makes contact again with the planet where Governor O'Reilley was lost.

222 By any other Name
A collision involving a passenger ship provokes Ashok Quayn into revealing his secrets.

223 No Traveller Returns
The Cherokee is destroyed, with friends amongst the presumed dead. K'ral makes some changes on his ship.

224 Full of Sound and Fury
New Lhasa has fallen, Starfleeet is pulling back, and something has happened to the timeline.

225 Protecting Heraza
Loras Veltr'a struggles to protect Heraza from a Psi attacker after civillian security refuses to believe her.

226 Invisible Hand
Petersen's father is on his way. And someone wants to kill him first.

227 Fastest and Mostest
The Dominion break through Klingon territory, the Gorn allege a Tholian attack, and Loras Veltr'a organises the defense of Cestus III. All this and Weyoun.


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